AAS Services


The description of activities performed by Academy of Addiction Services (AAS) include but is not limited to advocacy, education, counseling, outreach to homeless & re-entry individuals, and collaborating with grassroots organizations to help people to get into recovery, strengthen the people in recovery and work with families who do not understand addiction and why their life is trapped in that disease and how to get out of it. The following are services the agency provides:     -

Drug Prevention, Awareness & Recovery

Advocacy:   AAS will advocate for people and families that are affected by addiction, are in recovery and this includes the homeless population.  

Prevention: Educating youth on the dangers of drug use and its long lasting effects.    

Recovery:  Care Coordination, Recovery Coaching, Recovery Education Group, Recovery Housing Referral, Transportation/Public, Transportation/Mileage. (State Funded Recovery Services.)  


Homeless Population: 

Outreach coordinator will identify homeless population that are under the bridges, on the streets, and in the camps. Refer them to temporary housing until transitional or permanent housing is available.  

Prison Population:

Outreach coordinator will identify, assist individuals coming out of the penal system, assess their needs and refer them to the appropriate housing, church, work site etc.  


AAS will provide individual and group counseling. AAS also provides internship and practicums for those wanting experience in the field of addiction.   


AAS will assist individuals who seek credentialing from the Missouri Credentialing Board. AAS will assess their needs and map out their road to success. This agency provides classes regarding use, misuse, abuse, and addiction for continuing education units (CEUs) in the office and also in the community.